Louisiana Clydesdales will be in a Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial. Clay Harper of Pearl River owns the soon-to-be-famous horses. He says it all started when he got a call from a producer looking for Clydesdales near New Orleans for a commercial.

“They were looking for Clydesdales in this area, and as far as I know I’m the only Clydesdale hitch in the southern United States,” Harper said.

Budweiser’s signature Clydesdales cameo will be seen by millions this weekend just before the 40-second mark of the 60-second spot. Harper says they filmed the ad several weeks ago in various locations in the Big Easy.

“The second day of filming was along the Mississippi River, which is the actual 1.2 second glimpse that you get of the Clydesdales in the commercial,” Harper said.

Harper says people would stop and watch them go by, and some even came over for a photo op. He says the horses were great during filming, but he had to make sure they had plenty of hay and water.

“It was rather exhausting, and I’ve earned a new appreciation for people that do the movie business. It’s a lot of standing around all day waiting for your shot kind of thing,” Harper said.