The National Weather Service has issued its first excessive heat warning of the year for the northern half of the state until Tuesday night. Meteorologist Gary Chatelain says heat indices will climb over 110-degrees.

“It’s harder for your body to cool off when it’s that high of a heat index, you sweat it doesn’t evaporate, you cut the grass and your shirt just gets soaked,” said Chatelain.

99-degrees is the forecasted high for Shreveport and Monroe. Tomorrow, Alexandria could see a heat index of 110-degrees. Chatelain says heat-related issues can develop quickly when heat indices get this high.

“Drink water before, during and after exposure to the heat, because your body is constantly trying to cool itself off, when you are putting out that perspiration, you have to replace it quickly,” said Chatelain.

The southern half of the state is under a heat advisory. Heat indices could range from 105 to 113 degrees along the I-10-I-12 corridor.

Chatelain says winds out of the southwest are helping to produce the dangerous heat levels. He says we could see a break from the extreme heat on Wednesday.

“Looks like midweek we’ll have a front come in and shift the winds a little bit, at least it will stop that southwest wind flow for a couple of days and give us a chance for rainfall,” said Chatelain.

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