Louisiana is ranked on another bad list as we enter 2020. Wallethub is constantly working ranking states based on personal finance statistics. This year, Louisiana ranked 48th overall on the list of best places to raise a family in 2020.

So, what criteria do they measure in an effort to determine their rankings?

Wallethub's information about the rankings indicates that they look at things like median household income, unemployment, affordable housing, and the overall question, is the state really family-friendly?

Wallethub works to compare information from all fifty states and they used fifty different criteria to determine the rankings.

Here are some of the things that they have determined about Louisiana, based on their review:

Raising a Family in Louisiana (1=Best: 25=Average):

  • 20th for the % of Families with Young Kids
  • 40th for Child-Care Costs (Adjusted for Median Family Income)
  • 41st for Infant-Mortality Rate
  • 44th for Median Family Salary (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
  • 45th for Violent-Crime Rate
  • 48th for %of Families in Poverty
  • 28th for Housing Affordability
  • 47th for the Unemployment Rate
  • 45th for Separation & Divorce Rate

If you want to see the full list and find out more information, you can click here. Wallethub summarizes all their findings from the fifty states in this video.

Now that we have given you all of that information, how about some information about what we're doing right in Louisiana. A list of the wonderful things about Louisiana is posted on 50states.com.

Some of the things that are great about Louisiana to me:

  • We have loving, caring people
  • We have the Saints and gumbo
  • We have a culture that is unique in this world
  • We are proud Cajuns.

Niche gives a list of the best places to live in Louisiana, and you can click here to see which areas made the list.

What you think makes Louisiana the best place to live? Tell us on the app!

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