Earlier this month, Senate Bill 379 was passed by the House in 92-0 vote and 38-0 in the senate and was making it's way to Governor Jeff Landry's desk.

Senate Bill 379  repeals the 2022 law that increased speeding fines on the Basin Bridge in addition to allowing the state to install cameras. This has been a very controversial topic for the community many not wanting the orgional 2022 bill to be passed.

Lawmakers believed that the law was less about safety and more about "revenue generation for a private company". Since the 2022 bill allowed the state to contact with a third-party company, it left a bad taste in peoples mouths.

The St. Martin and Iberville Sherriffs who oversee the Basin Bridge have fully supported repealing the law that would put these cameras on the Basin Bridge.

Bye-Bye Basin Bridge Cameras

On Wednesday afternoon, Governor Jeff Landry signed Senate Bill 379, which means bye-bye cameras and tripled speeding fines. St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office wrote in a social media post, "The proposed cameras were incapable of stopping speeders at the moment of the infraction, rendering them ineffective in promoting public safety."

Safety is still their top priority, and they will continue to ensure that those who travel on the Basin Bridge do so safely and follow the posted speed limit signs minus the fancy speed cameras and doubled fines.

Sheriff Becket Breaux has always made it a top priority to ensure the safety and well-being of our community by continually advocating for public safety and effective traffic enforcement.
On April 4, 2024, Sheriff Breaux testified at the Senate Transportation, Highway, and Public Works Committee, alongside Sheriff Brett Stassi of Iberville Parish, in support of SB379. This bill sought to put an end to the speed cameras and the high fines that were set to start on August 1, 2024, on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.
Yesterday afternoon, May 22, 2024, Chief Deputy Harold JeanBatiste, Jr., and Warden, Major E.J. Melancon, were present when Governor Jeff Landry signed the bill into law.
The proposed cameras were incapable of stopping speeders at the moment of the infraction, rendering them ineffective in promoting public safety.
Rest assured that the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office will continue our enforcement efforts on the Basin Bridge to ensure that travelers are driving safely and adhering to the posted speed limit. And we will continue to concentrate on what truly matters, assisting motorists in their time of need, and being there for you when you need us most.
Please drive safely.

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