With Valentine's Day just a few weeks away, you might be lookin' for love. If you're lookin' love online, you're definitely looking in wrong place apparently. According to a recent study, Louisiana ranks as the 3rd most dangerous state for online dating. Dang, y'all...

According to highspeedinternet.com and Safewise, if you're using sites like plentyoffish.com, Tinder or any other online dating sites, just don't. Only D.C. and Alaska are more dangerous than Louisiana for online love.

They used data collected from reported FBI cyber crimes and violent crimes, as well as the CDC's information on reported STDs. They then did some population calculations, some more math and stuff, and compiled the list. You can get a better explanation over at highspeedinternet.com.

So, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems you should definitely not be doing the online dating thing in Louisiana. Crazy, right?

Oh, I'll leave you with one last exciting piece of news. Louisiana also has the second highest rate of STDs per capita in the entire country. THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


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