Travel review website RewardExpert finds people vacationing in Louisiana are the “happiest and most satisfied of tourists.” The site found that 98-percent of visitors to the Bayou State are happier with their trip here than other states. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser credits Louisiana’s hospitality.

"Meeting with tour operators and travel agents that send people to Louisiana and I asked them, why do you send people to Louisiana?  Every one of them had a story about the way Louisianans treat visitors."
Nungesser says the information is timely as they are getting ready to promote Louisiana as a travel destination to tour operators in Asia.
"Later this year, we'll be taking a delegation to China and Japan to promote tourism in Louisiana.  That's two of the areas that is going to be the largest growth in international travelers."
The Los Angeles Times also listed Louisiana as one of 25 must-see places this year and the New York Times says New Orleans is the number one place to go this year as the city celebrates its 300th birthday this year. Nungesser says while there are places to visit in the Bayou State, he believes it’s the people who make Louisiana a great place to vacation in.
"We're just very giving people and warm people here in Louisiana and it is our greatest asset."

Other states which came in the top five for the happiest visitors included Mississippi, New Hampshire, Delaware and Iowa.