Louisiana (KPEL News) - Thousands of dogs and cats across Louisiana are sitting in shelters, waiting for a family to love them. The pictures shared across social media are heartbreaking! Those sweet faces stare through the camera with sad, desperate eyes, begging to be adopted. Let's face it. It's typically not the animal's fault that they ended up in a shelter in Lafayette, Shreveport, or Lake Charles.

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Courtesy BISSELL Pet Foundation

The blame for their situation usually rests on the shoulders of humans who were irresponsible. There may be a dog in Lafayette whose owners didn't give him enough time to settle in. A cat in Lake Charles may be confined to a cage at a shelter because her pet parents didn't understand how to keep her from clawing the furniture. A litter of puppies was delivered to the shelter because the mom's owner didn't have her fixed. The list of reasons why anyone in Louisiana would surrender a pet or turn out a stray is long, but the results are the same.

If you are a pet person or animal lover, you know that the love of a dog is pure and cats, even with their quirky personalities, are great companions. Adoption fees will be significantly reduced during an event designed to empty the shelters.

pet adoption
Courtesy BISSELL Pet Foundation

The BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) has partnered with shelters in Louisiana and across the country for its Spring National Empty the Shelters™ event from May 1-15. It's a chance to adopt a furry family member at a low cost.

In addition to finding homes for these sweet fur friends, the shelters and rescue organizations benefit because it reduces their capacity. Most of the rescues are non-profits and rely on donation and the kindness of others to help sustain them so they can keep the dogs and cats vetted, fed, and cared for. The sad truth is that these facilities and organizations desperately need people to adopt when they want a pet to help them reduce their cost. More importantly, the animals needs a person.


Visit a local shelter or rescue, or their website, and find a pet you think would fit into your household. You can find links to participating shelters at the end of this article.

Dogs and cats of all sizes and colors are available. They may look different, but they all need one thing: a person or family who cares and loves them.

Thanks to BPF, adopters pay no more than $50 (local license fees may apply) for a pet that is spayed or neutered. Just contact the shelter or rescue for more information.

pet adoption
Courtesy BISSELL Pet Foundation


There are 18 organizations across the state participating in Empty the Shelter.

  1. Acadiana Animal Aid
  2. Animal Assistance League of Slidell
  3. Big Sky CARES
  4. Caddo Parish Animal Services and Mosquito Control
  5. Companion Animal Alliance
  6. Haseya's New Beginning Animal Rescue
  7. Iberia Parish Animal Control
  8. Lafayette Animal Shelter & Care Center
  9. Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter
  10. Louisiana SPCA
  11. Northshore Humane Society
  12. Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter
  13. Pointe Coupee Parish Animal Services
  14. Rescue Alliance
  15. St Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue
  16. St. Tammany Parish Department of Animal Services
  17. Washington Parish Animal Shelter
  18. West Feliciana Animal Humane Society

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