What could be more embarrassing professionally or politically than accidentally sending out $26 million dollars in extra state tax refunds? Okay, not knowing the whereabouts of $18,000 traffic ticket funds comes close but still, $26 million is enough money to make a difference in a cash strapped state such as Louisiana.

The good news is that the double tax refund error was realized quickly and for the most part, $22 million dollars worth, taxpayers have returned the extra cash to the state's treasury. However, that still leaves about $4 million unaccounted for.

Secretary of Revenue Kimberly Robinson announced yesterday that those taxpayers who received an unintended refund will be hearing from her office. That correspondence will come in the form of a warning letter that will be sent out on April 15th. 

The letter will include instructions on how to repay the money to the state. It will also inform the taxpayer that the state will begin charging interest on the double refund amount as of May 15th.

For taxpayers that cannot afford to repay the refund amount in one lump sum, Robinson says provisions will be made to allow for the arrangement of a payment plan at no additional cost to the taxpayer.


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