An LSU survey finds 70% of state residents believe women face a lot or some discrimination in society and that’s a seven-percent increase from a year ago. LSU Public Policy Research Lab director, Doctor Michael Henderson, says most Louisiana residents agree gender inequality is a real problem in this state.

"Louisiana residents believe this is a real issue, this is an important issue and it has consequences on lives of women in our society and changes need to be made to deal with these issues," Henderson said.
Henderson believes the increase can be attributed to reports that Louisiana leads the country in gender pay inequality and the numerous accusations of sexual harassment. He says most of the victims claim they were harassed by someone at work.
"There are obstacles out there that women face that men don't face when it comes to achieving equality in the workplace," Henderson said.
Henderson says the survey also showed that nearly three-fourths of the respondents say elected officials accused of sexual harassment or assault by multiple people should resign.
"Republicans are less likely to say these elected officials should resign, but I would say even among Republicans a majority of over 60% do say so and Democrats are even higher," Henderson said.