In politics it's called the honeymoon period. That's the time when voters and residents of a constituency feel very optimistic about the choices they've made when a new leader is elected. Louisiana has just elected a new Governor. However, there does not seem to be any honeymoon period at all for John Bel Edwards.

A new survey conducted by the Public Policy Research Lab at LSU suggests that 63% of Louisiana residents surveyed feel that even with a new Governor the state isn't moving in a positive direction. Director of the survey Dr. Michael Henderson says the results of this survey are rather surprising. There is very little optimism reflected.

But that’s not happening under John Bel Edwards’ short term in office so far. There was no bump that other governors have received.

In his remarks reported by the Louisiana Radio Network Henderson said the negative outlook on the state can't be pinned entirely on the Governor. While Henderson does believe the squabbles over the state's budget and strong words and warnings issued by Edwards did have some effect on the survey. He feels the overall business climate in the state might be the leading factor in the less than positive feeling across the state.

In Louisiana, we’ve seen this move as the oil field has done better and worse and the energy sector has done better in worse. I’m confident that is driven largely by the energy sector in Louisiana.

Henderson also believes that a shift in concerns among residents has played a large part in the attitude that this survey reflects. Last year the top issues among Louisiana voters were education and the economy. This year it's the budget and the budget crisis. Until that gets resolved most residents won't feel really good about the direction our state is heading.


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