The Great Resignation may not be over in Louisiana.

The phenomenon, also known as The Big Quit, began in 2021 as COVID restrictions eased. Workers began voluntarily leaving their jobs when companies began demanding they return to the office. After having settled into work-from-home routines, employees realized they enjoyed the freedom the opportunity afforded them. Conversely, retail workers who were required to report to work during the pandemic burned out and searched for more flexible options.

WalletHub looked at the rates at which people quit their jobs over the last month and the last year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average quit rate nationally is 2.52 percent. The South leads the list at 3.0 percent. Incidentally, seven of the southern states fall into the top 10 WalletHub list, with Louisiana at number 10.

Could we see another wave of The Big Quit?

A recent Yahoo article cited a LinkedIn study indicating that 70 percent of Gen Z and Millennials planned to leave their jobs in 2023.


  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Schedule inflexibility
  • Pay
  • No room for growth
  • Toxic culture
  • Company restructuring

Meanwhile, Louisiana captured the top spot as the state where unemployment claims decreased the most. The state's current unemployment rate falls below the national average. Governor John Bel Edwards touted the accomplishment.

“Louisiana’s record-low unemployment rate of 3.3% is well below the national rate of 3.8%, and it’s a testament to the talent and work ethic of our people," Edwards said in a recent statement.  

Lafayette's unemployment rate is 3.0 percent, even lower than the statewide average.

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