A woman in Louisiana was pelted with Mardi Gras beads after she tripped over the curb and fell to the ground.

This incident was caught on camera from a Mardi Gras parade in Houma, La and now this video of her being hit with beads has gone viral.

The young lady said that she was backing up when she tripped over the curb and that is when she felt beads hitting her.

Rather than trying to get up from the ground, she says that she decided to "play dead" while down in hopes that they'd stop throwing the beads at her.

Many were concerned for her well-being, but she says that she is fine and was not injured in this mishap from the weekend.

I don't know if she walked away with everything thrown her way, but I do hope she was able to carry some of the things thrown at her away.

As a reminder, when you throw beads directly at someone, it hurts if they aren't expecting it. Believe me, I've been on the receiving end of Mardi Gras beads thrown my way many times.

Here's the viral video of the young lady in Houma on the ground as floats drive past her. Let me warn you, some may find the audio in the video clip below to be OFFENSIVE.


@kamryncassotripped on a curb and became a target 🎯 happy mardi gras💚💜💛♬ From Louisiana - ItsaClassik

Now, here's her explanation of what happened and an update on her condition after the parade.

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