Members of the LSU Board of Supervisors express concern that a new ACT policy allowing students to retake specific sections of the test is economically discriminatory.

Board member Remy Starns says many kids from poor families don’t have the luxury of constantly retaking the vital college admissions test.

“What you are doing is allowing students who can take it four more times to have an advantage over students who could only afford to take it once.”

Starns notes 15 percent of students take the test four or more times already.

Students are already allowed to retake the full test as many times as they want, but Starns says allowing test takers to focus in on just one section when for a specific test day creates an unlevel playing field.

“Not to mention the refinement that comes along with taking it multiple times in terms of students who can hire tutors, take these preparation courses, things of that nature.”

The company that distributes the ACT says their studies show allowing multiple retakes does not advantage kids from higher-income families.

Starns says the test system is already biased towards well off kids, because at this time because while 70 percent of students take the test more than once…

“Those 30 percent are more than likely the ones that didn’t have tutors, preparation courses, high schools that drilled them on these exams on the weekends like some do.”

VP for enrollment management Joe Aviles notes as other states allow the policy, Louisiana may be forced to join them to allow their students to remain competitive.

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