Since the NIL rule went into effect for the NCAA last July, student-athletes across the country are signing deals left and right. From restaurants to apparel to electronics, the hard-working college athletes are finally able to make some much-needed cash for their efforts and talents.

LSU quarterback Myles Brennan is no different. He struck up deals with Raising Canes, Smoothie King, and RTIC Outdoors. In honor of National Signing Day, Brennan headed to Walk-Ons (another NIL partner for him) and did what any twenty-something college boy would do...he made a dancing Tik Tok.

Yep. That's the quarterback for the LSU Tigers. It looks like he is showing those hip exercises off the field...and it's a bit cringeworthy. Now, obviously, this is an advertisement for the restaurant, because it shows him "dancing" in various parts of Walk-Ons. Eating food, cooking in the kitchen, and even on top of the arcade basketball machine. He even got some of the staff members to join him in the dance.

Here's the tweet from Walk-Ons featuring LSU QB Myles Brennan

As you might expect, the internet reaction is...colorful.

The overwhelming majority seem to think it's not a good look for the restaurant or Brennan. Admittedly, it is a little weird. It even makes some people rethink their choice in food.

Listen, I am all for chasing and securing the bag. Do what you need to do, right? Brennan plays the top position in an elite SEC school. He has multiple deals under his belt. He looks like he is having a good time, right? I don't think I would be that embarrassed if I was getting paid well to do a simple Tik Tok dance.

What do you think about this? Is it good funny or cringe funny? Before you decide, I'm going to leave you with this tweet. It sums up my feelings on the matter:

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