Food Friday has come around once again and our topic is one that might surprise you.  Personal Chef Jon Soileau talked about just how easy it is to create a stock or base for a soup or sauce from things you didn't realize that you already have.  Soileau suggested that you can use the leftover meats from dinner along with some spices and veggies and make a stock that you can use for soups, sauces, jambalaya or any other thing that calls for it.  While it is also possible for you to buy things at the store, Soileau reminded us that,

It's much easier and you're going to really taste a flavor difference when you make it at home versus buying it at the store.

Soileau then mentioned that you can make things with Chicken, Beef or even if you are a vegetarian.  While it is an intimidating process for those that don't do a lot of cooking, Soileau said,

Once you figure out how easy this is and how many ways you can use that broth after you're done, it just takes all the guess work out of how to make fresh food simply.

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