New York police say a man allegedly killed his grandmother after they had an argument about which TV show to watch.  What is this world coming to?

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder, here comes Fox News with the story of Clarence Newcomb, who police say killed his 82-year-old mother because they got into a fight.  The police have not said what the weapon was Newcomb used.  They have also not released which television shows they were fighting over.

The unemployed Newcomb called police in the early morning hours to report that there was a dead body, and when police got there, the story began to unravel.

So you are having an argument with your grandmother, and you think it is okay to kill her?  It just seems that there are so many strange stories like this one popping up across our country and the world.

I wish that people could learn to resolve their fighting by calmly talking things out, but this man obviously needs some sort of mental health evaluation.  There is no way someone in their right mind would decided to end an argument by killing their 82-year-old grandmother. That is the same grandmother who is supporting him, letting him live there, since he has no job and no where else to go.

Most days, I think the world has gone mad.  How can these things keep happening?  I just hope that people can start to get the help that they need.  Now this family is without their grandmother, and this man's life is over.  How sad.