The moment we've finally waited for is here!  Mario Kart Tour, the mobile game from Nintendo will be available to download and play on Wednesday, September 25th.  Start deleting unnecessary family photos and videos of your wedding - it will totally be worth it!

Unlike the earlier iterations of Mario Kart, this game (or at least the tracks players will be racing on) is said to be based on real places and landmarks.  New York, Paris, and other very well known locations are featured in the 14th version of the absolute best party/racing game ever.

The first Mario Kart game for smart devices will be free to download and play, but if you want to be #1 on the Rainbow Road you might have to level up with one of the available items available to purchase with real money (not Mario coins) through the app.

The new game is reported to feature 64 courses across 16 cups, and all of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters.  The best part is, this game is built for multi play - except you won't have to pack 4 people in front of the tube-tv in the living room to do it!

If you are itching for more info before the launch, check out the official Mario Kart Tour site here.

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