Climate change intensified Harvey and Irma?

 The climate change alarmists are spinning like a tropical storm off the African coast, ready to infuse their pseudo-science into the question, “did climate change intensify the effects of hurricanes Harvey and Irma?”   The alarmists’ raison d’etre is to scare gullible citizens of the world into believing that man-made climate change is the biggest threat to humanity. The scare-mongering allows the unscrupulous “scientists” to continue riding the gravy train, and keep the tens of billions of dollars flowing into the questionable research they conduct using computer modeling.

For full disclosure, I am not an academically trained scientist.  My advantage in understanding the political issue – and the specious science – which is climate change is that I grew up with a father who was a research paleontologist.  Our many discussions about the Earth’s history, climate included, taught me volumes.

The alarmists attribute man-made climate change to one main factor – CO2 in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.  What about the numerous other factors which contribute to the Earth’s ever-so-slight increase in temperature?  Those factors are conveniently left out.

The Earth’s axial tilt in relation to the Sun is omitted in the “scientific” discussion.  The deep ocean currents – which profoundly impact the climate – are omitted.  Mention of the Earth’s magnetic field is omitted.  The Earth’s magnetic field shields the planet from harmful solar blasts.  Scientists tell us that the Earth’s magnetic field has changed, even reversed, hundreds of times over the last three billion years.  The Earth is also past due for a planetary magnetic reversal, which occurs every 200,000 to 300,000 years. The changing magnetic field could be allowing more harmful solar radiation to reach Earth. So leave out that facts above, and you dumb down the climate change formula – Climate Change for Dummies . . . just what the alarmists want.

The Earth’s climate has changed – drastically at times – for the entire 4.6 billion years that the planet has existed.  During the Earth’s infancy, the temperature was 3,000+ degrees due to rock debris in the solar system crashing into the Earth.  Yes, that’s 3,000+ degrees.  After tens of millions of years of cooling, the planet’s temperature was still a sizzling 400 degrees.  Six hundred to 800 million years ago, the Earth underwent its first major Ice Age.  Ice sheets extended all the way to sea level near the Equator, which is currently the hottest place on Earth.  Fifty-six million years ago, the Earth thawed and the average temperature of the planet was 73 degrees.  Today, the average temperature of the planet is 61 degrees.  There is no pattern to the “climate change” referenced in this paragraph because we live on an ever-changing, dynamic planet.

And why would you trust climate scientists whose e-mails reveal their attempt to bolster their claim of calamitous climate change caused by human activity, while at the same time censoring scientific studies which conflict with their views.  “Climate-Gate” happened in 2009, and again in 2011.  Of course the cabal of dishonest scientists covered for one another.


-Mark Pope

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