Lafayette Mayor-President Monique B. Boulet has unveiled a comprehensive report detailing the progress and challenges of her first 100 days in office, marked by ambitious efforts to reshape Lafayette's future. Since taking office on January 1, 2024, Mayor-President Boulet has focused on increasing transparency, enhancing financial stability, and fostering community collaboration.

The report, now available to the public, outlines key areas of progress under Mayor-President Boulet's administration. These include restoring legal credibility, reinforcing financial stability, promoting public transparency, improving public safety efficiencies, and making strategic investments in infrastructure. These initiatives reflect Boulet's commitment to addressing the diverse needs of both residents and businesses in the area.

Facebook, MP Monique Blanco Boulet
Facebook, MP Monique Blanco Boulet

“We have stabilized our government and set the foundation for future growth in my initial 100 days,” Mayor-President Boulet stated during the release. “Our administration is eager to continue this trajectory and build a renewed story for the Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) in the coming years.”

With a vision of revitalization and renovation, Mayor-President Boulet's administration lays the groundwork for ongoing and future projects that promise to drive further progress and prosperity across Lafayette Parish. The focus remains steadfast on maintaining the momentum gathered during these first 100 days and ensuring that Lafayette thrives and becomes a model of good governance and community-oriented development.

The ‘First 100 Days Report’ details can be reviewed on the Lafayette Consolidated Government's website, allowing residents and stakeholders to gauge the administration's commitments and achievements.

Residents interested in a deeper dive into the specifics of the accomplishments and future plans can access the complete document here.

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