Lafayette attorney and former congressional candidate Josh Guillory joined Acadiana's Morning News as part of the KPEL candidate series. He has framed the roll-out of his Mayor-President campaign around prioritizing issues that matter most to voters. He admitted that drainage is a major issue, but separated drainage from flood prevention. He says it's two separate issues. When pressed for concrete solutions, he eventually said he would start with clearing ditches before moving onto bigger projects. He said he will seek the opinions of engineers and is not against reaching out to legislators in Baton Rouge.

Guest-host Shannon Wilkerson pressed Guillory to commit to a timeline for which he would announce specific plans to deal with drainage in Lafayette. He pointed to a list of priorities on his website and encouraged listeners to read documents surrounding PLAN Lafayette. It's one place, he says, shows that consolidated government is out of step with what residents need.

"It's over 200 pages. We can't throw out the baby with the bath water, but guys, this plan needs to be revisited now ... because there are priorities listed in that document that do not fit the priorities in our community.

You can listen to the full interview below in the Acadiana's Morning News podcast.

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