Nancy Marcotte was up first in our week-long Mayor-President candidate series on Acadiana's Morning News. Her platform seems to be pretty straight forward: jobs and infrastructure. As a real estate agent, Nancy says she has seen changes in the city of Lafayette and Lafayette Parish. In the interview, she advocates for action on drainage and she says dredging the Vermilion River would be part of her plan.

One of the listener questions that she answered had to do with her lack of government experience compared to some of the other candidates. Simone Champagne and Carlee Alm-Labar both have experience working for municipal governments. Marcotte explained that her outsider perspective would bring new ideas.

Other candidates aren't going to bring new ideas because of their experience in local government.

There was one stat from Marcotte that got almost immediate feedback from KPEL listeners and it had to do with libraries. It stemmed from a question about the formula used to determine how many libraries are needed to serve the people of Lafayette Parish. She didn't answer directly but said with the opening of the West Regional library in Scott, we now have more libraries than McDonald's restaurants in the parish. A check of locations for each reveals that there are 9 public libraries and 14 McDonald's restaurants.

We have reached out to the Marcotte campaign for a response and will publish it here when it is received.

You can listen to the full interview with Nancy Marcotte below:

The Mayor-President candidate series continues tomorrow with Simone Champagne from the City of Youngsville.

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