Here is another challenge making its way around the internet and doctors are saying to not do this.

A TikTok user by the name of Jerry Mal posted a video of him rubbing erection cream over his lips in hopes of puckering them up. Yes, larger lips are still a thing.

He says that he once saw someone do this is in a movie and the end result was the person having larger lips.

He rubs the cream on his lips and lets it sit, but has to remove the cream prematurely because he says it was burning.

The TikTok user notes towards the end of the video that his lips do seem to be "fuller" and that he likes them, but that the burning sensation was a bit too much.

Now, doctors are warning people to NOT try this. One doctor says that putting such a cream on your lips can cause blisters, burning, uncomfortable swelling and/or more.

The cream is not designed for thin skin, like over your lips, and doctors warn that if blood vessels in your lips absorb too much of the ingredients of the cream in, there could be more medical consequences.

In other words, if you want larger lips go to a licensed medical professional and do not use erection cream.

Remember, just because something (a challenge or idea) is on the internet does not mean it's accurate or safe to do.


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