34 year old Michael Wagner of Metairie is charged with multiple counts involving propane. Attorney General Jeff Landry says Wagner was charged with willful or knowing violation of a rule or regulation of the Louisiana Petroleum Gas Commission (LPGC) including failure to properly odorize gas or to verify the presence of odorant, reckless handling of hazardous material, theft by fraud of over $1,500 and obstruction of justice.

According to Landry, Wagner is accused of selling a number of bottles of "Super-Freeze 22A" as a substitute for HCFC-22 (R-22), a substance used in home air conditioning systems. The product sold by Wagner posed a risk for fire and explosion because home AC units are not designed to handle propane.

Several air conditioning companies bought "Super-Freeze 22A" online. If you feel you have been a victim of Wagner's call your air conditioning service company and ask if they used "Super Freeze 22A" since 2012. If they confirm use of the product you should call LPGS at 225-925-4895.

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