In what may be the perfect ending to a heartwarming story, "Michael from Lafayette," a Good Samaritan, has been located far from his Louisiana home. The story ended at Evansville Regional Airport, where Michael Wright, the kind-hearted individual from Lafayette, Louisiana, had a moment to reflect with WEHT on his recent act of kindness.

If your memory needs jogging, Lafayette and the greater south Louisiana were on a quest to find "Michael from Lafayette" after a post describing his acts of kindness went viral.

Wright looked back on his connection at the Atlanta International Airport. There, he encountered a woman experiencing difficulty walking to her terminal. Doing what he only saw as right, Wright assisted her on a journey that took nearly an hour from one terminal to another. He only saw his good deed as complete once she was comfortably settled.

Unbeknownst to Wright, his simple act of kindness would ripple far beyond that airport terminal. Jamie Tutko, the son of the woman Wright assisted and the Director of Player Development at Louisiana State University, learned of Wright’s selfless act. Wright had gone to the extent of escorting the woman to her gate and informing the TSA agent about her knee problem, ensuring she boarded the plane comfortably.

Tutko, moved by Wright's kindness, shared the story on social media, sparking a viral quest to find "Michael from Lafayette" in hopes of expressing his gratitude.

The search concluded when Wright was found in Evansville, awaiting a delayed flight back to Lafayette, LA. The two men have since spoken over the phone according to WEHT.

Tutko, impressed by Wright's genuine nature, offered him a pair of free tickets to an LSU baseball game as a token of thanks, expressing a wish to meet at a game, ideally when both their mothers could be present.

Wright, touched by the gesture, expressed his eagerness to attend an LSU game, hoping to bring his mother along for the occasion. This is a story that we will be following and a reminder that the smallest gestures can truly have the biggest impact.

Hats off to "Michael from Lafayette" for wearing our hospitality on his sleeve and making the Hub City proud.

See the full story here via WEHT.

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