New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas just gave NOLA a huge helping hand.

Thomas managed to turn a $20,000 contribution into $2.3 million through a national nonprofit organization known as RIP Medical Debt. According to his agency, Athletes First, the man known as "Can't Guard Mike" on Twitter was able to use the money to wipe out outstanding medical debts for "people struggling to make payments in the Greater New Orleans Area."

Mike's contribution will make an immediate positive impact on over 1,000 people in the Greater New Orleans area.

I'm honored to support my community in this way and make an impact in the city that's been so welcoming to me. I hope these families get a little relief in knowing their medical bills have been taken care of during these very difficult times in our country.

The way that RIP Medical Debt works is they aim to get rid of "the financial burden of enormous medical debts" by buying them for a "fraction of their cost." This is how Thomas' $20,000 was able to help forgive over $2 million in medical debt.

To date, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit has wiped out more than $1 billion in medical debt.

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