A Michigan man and his family are planning to move to the Lafayette area, and he asked users on Reddit for some advice about which areas would be best. Do you agree with some of the advice he was given?

Michigan man and Reddit user duckyii asked -

"I was raised by a man from that area but it has been 25 years since he lived there. Are there any areas that are better to live with a family. Any pointers about the area? My dad said I will be fine in some areas and other areas I should avoid because we are considered Yankees and may not be as welcomed."

Until he voiced his concern about not being welcomed because he's a Yankee, I've never thought about that being an issue. Could he be right? In my experiences no, being a Yankee isn't a bad thing. That just gives us plenty of opportunities to "learn ya somthin'". We like that.

According to one response he got on Reddit, being a Yankee might actually be an issue for him and his family in some areas.

User texastiger1025 says "Lafayette is a good And safe city considering its size. Your dad was correct about not being as welcoming but that definitely applies to small surrounding towns such as Breaux Bridge and New Iberia."

Luckily for him, a woman who also moved to Lafayette from Michigan 20 years ago had a solid review of Lafayette.

GeauxGirl80 tells him "I don’t have Lafayette-specific advice, but I moved to Louisiana from Michigan 20 years ago, and never received anything but welcome with open arms & joking ribbing for being a Yankee. I’m now married to someone as cajun as it gets, and even people from his small community are super nice. Good luck!"

Michigan man and Reddit user duckyii says he will be down here towards the end of the week for his final interview.

Reading through most of the responses to his question posted to Reddit, I think folks gave him some great information and a good feel for what we're all about here in Acadiana.

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