The Indy 500 has been run 98 times. We all know who the first-place finishers, but perhaps we should pay more attention to who finishes third?

Bruce Hopman, founder of the International Middle Child Union, says middle children everywhere can identify more with those third-place finishers, particularly because it is apparently harder to finish in third place.

"When you're a middle child, that's the best you can really hope for," Hopman said. "Cuz you know you're older brother or your older sister is going to be the favorite and they're going to come in first...The youngest is going to be the second-favorite."

"So I say, let's celebrate the third-place finisher a little more. Who cares about who finished first?" Hopman continued.

To listen to his "reasoned" explanation, click on the 'Play' button below.

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