Today Bruce Hopman, Middle Child Blogger/Activist and self-appointed spokesman for the self-created International Middle Child Union (I.M.C.U.), joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to discuss the plight of middle children everywhere.  This coming Monday August 12, 2013 has been declared 'Middle Child's Day' and Hopman encouraged all middle child to participate.


According to Hopman,

I was writing a book and doing a little research and I came across on-line, August 12th is Middle Child's Day and I thought 'I'm a middle child how come nobody told me about that'?  Then I realized the irony of this, it's like they gave us a holiday just so nobody would pay attention to it.  So I said this is too rich, somebody has to do something about this.

We asked Hopman how he planned to planned to draw attention to Middle Child's Day and he replied,

I decided let's have a strike.  Let's try to raise awareness for Middle Child's Day.  I had a blog.  I had a Twitter feed and a Facebook page and I decided to consolidate them all and form this union.  The International Middle Child's Union.  We will strike on Middle Child's Day.

Hoping the International Middle Child's Day strike would not be a violent affair we asked Hopman what action would be required from strikers and he said,

All I'm asking is that on August 12th people go on whatever social media they use #midkidstrike and maybe we'll get a little viral thing going...Another great idea came up.  Go to your Facebook page and change your profile picture to that of a famous middle child.  It could be like Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch, pretty iconic.  It could be Bill Gates.  It could be Brittney Spears.  There are lots of famous middle children.  Malcolm in the Middle....Simon from the Chipmunks.  You just change your little picture for the day.

You can get more info on the International Middle Child's Union and Middle Child Day by visiting Bruce Hopman's smackdabtheblog.

Listen to the interview:

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