I have to admit that I am feeling unsettled.  Down right sick to my stomach.  All of this surrounding the unrest that we all woke up to this morning as we heard about the killing of our ambassador to Libya and a group of protesters in Egypt that tore down our flag to replace it with a Muslim banner.  What makes me sick about it is many things, but the main one is that same feeling that I got 11 years ago on 9-11.  That feeling that says this is something that you don't do to Americans.

One of the most disturbing images that I saw was someone on the streets that had a piece of our flag cut off in their hand.  They were clearly pleased with what they had in their hand, as if to say, "Look, we beat America."

I'm not sure what the best response is to these things that are clearly spinning out of control in the middle east.  You don't really want to start a war there, we have learned that first hand.  Still, it is rather tempting to bomb someone back to the stone age.  That too, is probably not the best choice.  Ultimately, we need to make sure we respond appropriately.  A lack of response to the death of our ambassador would only signal that you can do whatever you want to America.  That can not stand, just as the death can not stand.  Those responsible need to see justice, American style.