Retired State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmondson’s attorney has responded to a legislative audit that found evidence of misconduct and tax evasion throughout his nine-year tenure. The letter touted Edmonson’s character and leadership, but Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino says there was one notable omission.

“Interestingly they did not outright deny all of the allegations of misconduct, choosing instead to not respond to them.”
Edmondson’s attorneys say at the moment he doesn’t have the resources to respond to each allegation. Ciolino says this may be due to the breadth of allegations.

“Col. Edmondson has serious issues to deal with in a number of different fora, including a federal grand jury, federal tax authorities, and state officials.”

Edmondson’s was accused of using a state facility for housing, and not reporting it on his taxes. Ciolino says finding a defense for that accusation will be difficult…

“The internal revenue code requires that staying in a place be a condition of employment, and certainly that was not the case here.”

Edmonson served for four decades in the state police.