McDonald's is pumping $114 million into 200 Louisiana restaurants to overhaul everything from the exterior of the building to how you order your food. It’s part of a 6 billion dollar national face lift for one of the biggest food chains on earth.

McDonald's Vice President of US Restaurant Development Rob Lancaster says that’s a lot of changes for the iconic chain.
“We’ve got modernized exterior going on all the restaurants, new décor throughout all the restaurants, digital kiosks that allow the customers to order how they want to order.”

The overhaul includes new digital video screens in the drive-thru, as well as designated parking areas for customers who order online pickups.

McDonalds is going all in on online ordering as part of the revamp. Customers can now order a Micky D’s delivery using the Uber Eats service and download an app that lets them place an early order ahead of time to skip the lunchtime long lines. Lancaster says it’s easy to use and should get you in and out fast.

“Customers simply come in with their mobile app, let the crew know where they are on the site and then the crew brings their food out to them in a few minutes.”

But Lancaster says just because the exterior is going to look a lot different, doesn’t mean they are touching the classics.

“We are always playing with the menu making sure customers are getting what they want, you know we will always do that. But the mainstays the Big Macs and the fries are going to be with us, those aren’t going to change.”

Lancaster estimates most of the upgrades should be completed by the end of 2019.

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