A viral video on Twitter has sparked quite the debate on social media.

The video was posted by @adornjoezee and opens in the midst of an argument between a woman and her mother-in-law. From what we gather by watching the video, the wife is standing outside of the vehicle, locked in a verbal spat with the mother who is seated in the front seat of the vehicle while her husband pleads with both women to come to an agreement from the driver's seat of the vehicle.

To make the situation even more complicated, the vehicle is said to belong to the wife. The two women continue to go back and forth until the husband physically exited the vehicle to intervene.

There has been some speculation on whether the video is "fake" or not but either way, the debate is very real. My question to you is what is the right answer (if any) in this scenario? Twitter had no problem sharing their passionate opinions.

So when it comes to Mom vs. your significant other who rides in the back seat? What if you're in the husband's shoes? What about being in the wife's shoes? What if you're the mother in the scenario?

There are really no "wrong" answers, so share all your hot takes with me and tell me how it would go down if you were involved.

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