If you've listened to the Moon Griffon show for any period of time between now and November of 2015, you would know that he is not exactly a fan of the way that Governor John Bel Edwards is governing the state. In fact, he's been very critical of the governor and his Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne, calling them the "Tax Brothers."

Well, as the state just wrapped up its third consecutive legislative session under Gov. Edwards, Moon opened the Monday after by ramping up his criticism of him.

During Edwards' successful campaign for governor, he ran on the "Honor Code," which harkened back to him having served with the 82nd Airborne Division. On today's show, Moon took aim at that:

"You may have the honor code in the military, but there is no honor code in politics," says Griffon. "And he (John Bel Edwards) has proved it. His 'Honor Code' is to the liberal agenda."

Moon, who often calls Gov. Edwards "John Tax Edwards," went on to blast him for leading the effort to raise numerous taxes during the legislative sessions.

"All he's talked about is taxes," exclaimed Griffon. "There is no substance to John Bel Edwards other than to raise taxes. He has not talked about fixing anything in this state."