Life in and around the water, that's what Louisiana is all about. Sometimes we live on the water, sometimes we live in the water, regardless we love the water and we love our boats. While boats can be fun they can also be very dangerous and deadly. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has released some very sobering statistics that might help you stay sober before you take your boat out this weekend.

The number of boating fatalities reported in the state have almost doubled over last years total. This year 22 deaths have been reported as a result of boating accidents. During this same time from of 2015 only 13 such fatal accidents had been reported.

Spokesman  Adam Einck with LDWF told the Louisiana Radio Network that many of these deaths could have most likely been prevented if the boater in question has just been wearing a PFD.

Everybody that we’re recovering from the water has not been wearing a personal flotation device, and we try to stress it a lot just to have people wear their life jackets while they’re on the water.

Einck suggested in his comments that LDWF agents will really be enforcing the state's PFD laws over the coming weeks and months. He also suggested that sobriety checks will be more frequent for those who are piloting watercraft in the state. Einck also suggests some common sense practices when taking to the water.

Let people know where you’re going to be and what time you plan on being home. That way in case you don’t make it home at the time that you’re supposed to be, people can try to get in contact with you.

Of the 110 boating incidents investigating this year, 12 have happened in the month of September. Einck believes the high water in many parts of the state have really played a big  roll in the increase in crashes. Many of the accidents involved boaters hitting objects beneath the surface.

They’re all going at a high rate of speed. So if you’re unsure of where you’re at or if it’s at nighttime, just monitor your speeds.

It's never a bad idea to refresh your knowledge. If you'd like to be a part of a safe boating class just to refresh skills you can find out when one is scheduled near you by visiting the LDWF website.