John Kennedy has caught the eye of the nation since he was took the oath to become one of Louisiana's two United States senators in 2017.

From his folksy personality that voters find endearing to the soundbite-worthy comments he makes every time he speaks, people in the news media and across both sides of the aisle pay attention when he speaks.

But, every now and then, Kennedy will get fired up and upset at a politician or someone in position of authority that he feels is wrong. And, if he gets the chance to confront them, he's very formidable in his criticisms of them.

Recently, there was a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Jennifer Sung, a President Joe Biden nominee to be Unites States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit. Kennedy sits on that committee.

Youtube via Forbes Breaking News
Youtube via Forbes Breaking News

Well, at the committee, Kennedy - who did his homework on Sung - found that Sung signed a letter that called then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a "morally bankrupt" individual. If you will remember, Democrats attacked Kavanaugh's character immensely during his nomination process as they tried to keep President Donald Trump's pick off the Highest Court in the Land.

Kennedy did not appreciate Sung's signing of that letter one bit and asked her if she thinks Kavanaugh is morally bankrupt.

In the video above, watch as Kennedy absolutely eviscerates Sung and outright tells her, "See, I don't believe you."

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