The Nation of Patriots Tour will make another stop in Acadiana this year, bringing with it the American Flag that is making its way across the country.

On July 9, at 11:30am, the Nation of Patriots Flag will make a stop at Cajun Harley-Davidson in Scott.

Each year the Nation of Patriots puts on the Patriot Tour to honor all of our military: those currently serving, those who have served, and those who have fallen in defense of our country.

Here's what happens: a huge group of motorcycle leaves Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Memorial weekend, with the American Flag mounted to the back of the lead bike.  They travel to the next stop, hold a fundraiser and a passing-of-the-flag ceremony, and then the next group takes the flag to the next stop.

(Photo by ShootThePig)

This continues until the flag has been through all 48 contiguous states.  The flag arrives back in Milwaukee on Labor Day weekend.  One American flag, 100 days, 48 states, and thousands of people coming together to help raise money for our injured veterans.

The funds that were raised at last year's event helped 3 local veterans and their families through rough times.

There will be a short ceremony with guest speakers, the passing of the flag, the "Last Roll Call", and bagpipes and drum corps.

Plate lunches and t-shirts will be available for a donation (all proceeds go to local veterans).

For more information on the event, to make a donation, or if your family or organization would like to sponsor or volunteer for the event, contact Rick Barber at (318) 557-9600.

(Nation of Patriots)