New Iberia, LA (KPEL News) - The Humane Society of Louisiana needs support. A local group was called to a house to rescue dozens of cats being kept in "deplorable conditions" in hoarding situation.

Humane Society Director Jeff Dorson explained the severity of the situation to the Louisiana Radio Network:

So, you walk in, and you need a respirator to even negotiate trying to get from room to room. We’re pulling out cats, they’re all sick, they’re going to a vet that’s expensive. They’re staying for several days to treat their ailments.

The Humane Society has set up a Go Fund Me account under the name "53 Cats Need Our Help!" Information on the page notes all of the illnesses the cats need treatment for:

All are infested with fleas, many are anemic, and some have corneal ulcers. The owner will be charged with cruelty.
HSL agreed to assist with fundraising. At least 21 of the cats are being housed at a local vet clinic, and HSL is working to get all of the cats rehomed.

Not only were the cats ill, but the Rescue Alliance reported four of them are pregnant. One of the cat moms has since delivered her kittens.

The Rescue Alliance also shared options if you'd like to donate toward the cats' care.

To donate, simply go to:

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