After a brief stay in the hospital, heroic former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason is now back at home with his family. Check out the details of the scare that sent Gleason to the emergency room and the latest update.

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As fans of the New Orleans Saints prepared to cheer on the Black & Gold against the Bucs this past weekend, the #WhoDatNation got some unfortunate news from a legendary former player.

Former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason Admitted to Hospital

We shared the news that Steve Gleason was being admitted to the hospital on Saturday after receiving a health update from the former New Orleans Saints safety.

After a case of relentless hiccups that lasted nearly a week, which doctors believed could've been early signs of pneumonia, Gleason was officially admitted to the hospital following an emergency room visit.

The former Saint kept everyone in the loop with updates on Twitter.

Thankfully for Gleason and all of his loved ones, this hospital stay was brief according to the latest update.

Steve Gleason Back at Home after Hospital Stay

See the latest from @SteveGleason on Twitter below.

According to Gleason, he was discharged yesterday. On Twitter, Gleason even joked that he was planning on sneaking out of the hospital to go and check out the Saints game.

While the result of the game may not have been what Gleason wanted, I believe that everyone is just happy that this heroic Saint is back at home and in good spirits.

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