SABINE PARISH, La. (KPEL News) - Louisiana is not a state with a lot of money. We don't have many big cities and in parts of the state where low-income, rural areas are plentiful, there are plenty of small towns that struggle where population and opportunity are big concerns.

A new study from 24/7 Wall St. released a list of the poorest towns in each state, and if you know the north-central part of the state pretty well, you might not be surprised by Louisiana's poorest town.

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Here's what makes a small town a small town, according to 24/7 Wall St.:

Using five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 American Community Survey, 24/7 Wall St. identified the poorest town in each state. We considered any city, town, or unincorporated community with populations between 1,000 and 25,000 people, and ranked them by median household income.

Among the places on this list, the typical household earns anywhere from $43,800 to just $9,100 annually. For reference, most American households earn over $69,000 a year. With such low incomes, the residents of these places are more likely to depend on government assistance to afford basic necessities. In all but two communities on this list, the share of households who receive SNAP benefits, or food stamps, exceeds the respective statewide recipiency rate.

What town in Louisiana qualifies, then?

Many, Louisiana

Credit: Town of Many/Facebook
Credit: Town of Many/Facebook

Here are the stats that make Many, Louisiana, located in Sabine Parish, the poorest in the state.

Median household income: $18,148 (Louisiana: $53,571)
Adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher: 17.0% (Louisiana: 25.5%)
Households receiving SNAP benefits: 33.5% (Louisiana: 15.7%)
Median home value: $122,900 (Louisiana: $174,000)
Population: 2,337

Many, Louisiana is a small town with limited job opportunities. The local economy relies heavily on a few industries, such as agriculture, forestry, and some tourism. With a lack of diverse employment options, it can be challenging for residents to find stable and well-paying jobs.

What's more, access to healthcare can be limited in small, rural towns like Many. Without adequate healthcare services, medical bills can become a significant financial burden for families, further exacerbating their financial struggles.

Compounding these issues are nationwide economic issues, from high inflation to high interest rates. It's making already tough conditions even worse for some of the folks who live there.

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