In a possible sign of further economic recovery, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that wages are making a steady recovery across the board, with a great number of companies now offering higher paying jobs.

After the job market cratered before our very eyes in 2008, seemingly the only jobs available were menial positions in bars, fast food restaurants and retail outlets, paying a median wage of about $9 per hour. However, just two years later, statistics show that more jobs in places like factories, hospitals and professional technical services are emerging, with median wages over $16 per hour, giving some Americans a chance to better themselves once more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many hospital workers are now earning about $23 an hour, while some registered nurses are bringing in nearly $32 an hour. That is comparable to some professional positions, such as accountants and lawyers in the technical services field, which averages $28 an hour.

Technology appears to be where the real money is, with software developers earning a median wage of $43 an hour. Interestingly, this wage is predicted to go up even further, as many companies say that it is difficult to find people at the right skill level to perform the required tasks.

But what if you are one of the 4.4 million Americans without a college degree? Well, blue-collar jobs in the manufacturing industry are starting to make a comeback, with some of the better ones paying nearly $25 an hour.


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