Most of the stories or topics we end up writing about in the "opinion" section of our website is about loss, death, destruction or some other calamity, but not today.  Today, I will write about something very positive.  It may be simple, but it's suck a nice story.

The story is about a woman named Maura Burke who lost her wedding band on Labor Day weekend in 2010.  She and her husband searched all over for it, but it was never found, until recently.

Department of Public Works employees along with Braintree, Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Sullivan helped to make the impossible happen.  The employees were doing routine work when they found the ring.  It was engraved with "mjm to jmb" so they decided they would look through marital records until they found the right people.

On Friday, Maura and Jim Burke were able to meet with city officials, and she got her ring back.  She broke down in tears, happy to finally have her ring back.  She plans to personally thank all the people involved in getting her ring back to her.  They even sanitized it for her.

This story makes me wonder why every news story is always bad.  If you have heard it once, you have heard it a million times, "if it bleeds, it leads", but wow, the good stuff sure is much more fun to write.  I wish the people who wanted the news, wanted good news too.  I know many of you are saying that you do, but be honest, if it would all good news, would that many people tune in?  Probably not.  We are creatures of habit, and we all love a good piece of gossip, whether it's devastating or not.  It's also good to keep abreast of crime to help protect ourselves from it.

At least for today, the news is good, and I feel good about it.  I hope this story reminds us all that there are still some really decent people in the world, and a little good news makes the day for so much smoother.  If you have good news, email it to me-