WhoDat Nation "tuned out" according to Nielsen ratings for Super Bowl LIII.

According to WWL-TV, the game got a national overnight rating of 44.9 -- the lowest rate of viewership since 2009.

It was a much different story in New Orleans, where the Super Bowl got only a 26.1 rating (roughly a quarter of homes with TVs). That's the lowest-ever rating for a Super Bowl in the New Orleans metro area. Clearly, the "Who Dat Nation" spoke up by doing other things and not watching the game.

Last year, the Super Bowl rating was at 53.0 in the New Orleans market. So, you can tell the protests in the city seemed to work in favor of the Saints.

In Boston, the hometown of the New Orleans Patriots, the game got the highest ratings ever. In Los Angeles, home of the Rams, this Super Bowl was the highest-rated since 1996.

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