Despite a budget that calls for deep cuts to higher ed, the Louisiana Community and Technical College System will not raise tuition or fees for the 2018-19 school year, continuing a two-year trend of keeping costs stable for students. LCTCS President Monty Sullivan says the state cannot continue to place the cost of education on the backs of students.

"It is time that we hold up our end of the bargain as a state and provide funding for institutions of higher education that are providing the workforce," said Sullivan.

Higher ed is on the block for a 96-million dollar a cut, and TOPS is staring at a 30% reduction if additional revenue is not approved in the upcoming special session. Sullivan says if the budget stands as is, a lot of services would have to be scaled back.

Sullivan says it doesn’t make any sense to cut higher ed to save the budget, because higher ed is responsible for producing the workforce that will grow the economy.

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