First let me say I thought Whitney Houston had one of the most incredible voices heard on this planet.  It just seems to me that mainstream media can’t find anything else to feature.
As expected Whitney’s music sales have skyrocketed since her demise and I certainly understand but the press coverage is ludicrous and now New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is having flags flown at half-mast.  She did influence numerous other singers, she did sing incredibly well, she was beautiful but did she do anything to compare to the actions of the young men and women of New Jersey who have died for their country?  I’m relatively sure the flags in the Garden State are not flown at half-mast for every soldier killed in battle.

True, flags were flown at half-mast for Frank Sinatra and Clarence Clemmons and I didn’t get that either.  We were also not inundated with media coverage day after day when they passed away.

I think flags should be flown at half-mast for those killed in the line of fire, first responders and a very few elected officials.  Pop music stars get enough adoration and money before and after their deaths I really don’t think they need another honor.