This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelists Mike Stagg, Warren Caudle, and Carol Ross joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the nuclear framework deal with Iran President Obama has unveiled as well as Senator David Vitter's gubernatorial blueprint.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1.  President Obama has unveiled a nuclear framework deal with Iran. Your thoughts?

Mike Stagg started us off:

It wasn’t the Obama Administration, it was the United States and European State Departments. It’s a great deal because it takes away their capacity to build nuclear weapons. It reduces their number of centrifuges which are essential to create nuclear weapons. It will also require them to dismantle and reposition their nuclear reactor which had the capability of creating plutonium.
Everyone looking at it is saying this is a great deal. It takes Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapons away for 15 years. This is about not having a war.

Carol Ross posited:

There’s no deal. Theres a framework for a possible deal. Both sides have differing opinions. The US statement says one thing, that the sanctions will be lifted after Iran has fulfilled all of their commitments. How many times has Iran violated every deal they’ve been in?
This does not sound like an agreement to me. There’s a nuclear arms race in the middle east and it started as soon as this deal was done.

Warren Caudle concluded:

I think when the history books are written, this period will be defined as the time where the United States ceased to be the good, wholesome, vibrant nation we were founded to be. We are so tied up in going to useless wars. We are being played as a fool in the middle east over a country like Iran. The United States is being diminished. The Iranians are playing us like a cheap violin.
Back in the 1950s, we were the ones who sent the centrifuges. We were the ones who told them they needed nuclear power.

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2. David Vitter has released his gubernatorial blueprint; Jay Dardenne officially enters the race. Your thoughts?

Warren started us off:

This is going to be an interesting gubernatorial election year. Last I heard the Democrats might just sit this one out.
Vitter has been the main powerhouse of the Republican Party. Now you’ve got Scott Angelle who has charisma and energy. It’s going to be interesting. Vitter takes the attitude that he is the anointed one.

Carol said:

Vitter has promised some interesting things. I like the blueprint. He wants to call an immediate session to restructure the budget.Undedicated most of the dedicated funds in the budget. Targeted tax cuts to spur economic development. Streamlining the state sales tax. Reworking the state’s economic trust fund. All this stuff sounds good, but the devil’s in the details. How does he get this done?

Mike concluded:

One of the things we’re doing is paying state police out of the transportation fund. People are raising a lot of questions about that.
I don’t think Vitter is going to be governor. I don’t think Jay Dardenne will be governor. I don’t know who it will be.

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