Recently outbreaks of the Measles have been popping up all across the United States with the main hot spot being Washington State. However with the Houston area now reporting 5 new cases the concern is growing in our part of the country. Measles back decades ago saw 3-4 million cases a year dropping to a 99% reduction and now recently seeing new cases popping up.

It's not sure if the measles were passed on from travel or if this is brand new cases but either way health officials are taking it very seriously. While there are no cases reported yet in Louisiana doctors are warning the public to protect themselves by getting vaccinated. This has been a very heated debate over the past few years if vaccines are safe or not. According to the Louisiana Department of Health vaccine rates among Kindergarteners is one of the highest in the country at 96.1%.

The cases in Texas popped up within the past week so officials fear there might be more to follow. If you experience a fever or any other health concern please see your doctor immediately.

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