Even though Donald Trump has made millions in New York real estate and reality television I think basically he's a flake of the first magnitude.  With that being said I heard an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and I actually agree with a lot of what Trump said!

Many years before the term "politically correct" became popular I wondered why we became the nation that wins a war and then rebuilds the nation we defeated.  Soon after we invaded Iraq to "liberate the country from Saddam's tyranny" we started hearing talk about rebuilding the infrastructure.  My question was "WHAT?"  They lost.  Why should we help to rebuild?

Trump hit the nail on the head.  If we help you depose of lunatic you give us 50% of your oil.  Give us the oil or keep the whacko in power.  What happened to the "spoils of war"?  I think all of this started when we renamed the Department of War to the Defense Department.

In addition to the "oil for help" program Trump thinks we should pay the family of any service member killed in action $5 million dollars and any soldier who is injured should receive $3 million to $4 million.  We lost approximately 4400 American lives in the latest war and with a cost of $5 million each that amounts to a lot less than the $1.5 trillion we've spent on the wars.

I can't believe it but I actually agree with Donald Trump on two things!  A strange turn of events.  I still won't vote for him for any office.  He's still a flake...with a couple of good ideas.