It was certainly a controversial subject when the letters first went out but to this casual outside observer the program sure seemed to work. The program in question was the decision by the Office of Motor Vehicles to send out letters to citizens of Louisiana telling them they owed the state money because of a lapse in their automobile insurance.

The letters were sent as a courtesy to people who may or may not have been aware they owed the state money. The letters stated that if fines were not paid or the accounts were not cleared the state would send the unpaid fine to a collection service. This angered many residents but so far the campaign has cleared up over 55-thousand accounts.

It’s not about money, it’s about simply trying to clear the record and when we can do 1/3 of those but just getting information that we needed from the beginning, then we clear the debt.

Those are the words of Col Mike Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Edmonson says while the campaign has brought the state over $8.1 million in previously uncollected fines, there are still about a million more cases to clear.

That’s not all drivers. We’re looking at just under 500,000 actual drivers who have multiple cases in there.

To see if you have unresolved fines or if the State Police are looking to clear a case with your name on it you can visit this website  It is in your best interest to do so since nearly 300-thousand of the original letters were sent to the wrong addresses or the intended recipient had changed address.

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