Longtime NBA officials and Pac-12 supervisor of officials Ed Rush has resigned in the aftermath of comments he made about a league's coach during officials' meetings before the league tournament.

Rush maintains he was only joking about the comments made, specifically targeting Arizona coach Sean Miller.

Rush said coach misconduct was a point of emphasis this year and officials should have given a warning to both Miller and Colorado coach Tad Boyle for their conduct during their Pac-12 quarterfinal game.

Miller got a technical foul late in the Wildcats'  semi-final game against UCLA after a double dribble call.  UCLA won the game by two points and Miller was fined $25,000 for his comments made postgame.

Rush said his comments about offering $5,000 and a trip to Cancun was a joke and said he told his officials the offer was "off the table" because his wife would be upset.

But some of the officials insisted Rush was not joking and reports surfaced many of the officials would quit if Rush was retained as their supervisor.  Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Smith had earlier ruled the incident was "not a fireable offense."

CBSsports.com first reported the story.