An independent poll surveys the job performance of several elected officials, including Senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy, Governor John Bel Edwards and President Trump. Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says 54% of the chronic voters polled have a favorable rating of the Commander-in-chief, compared to 43% who rated him poorly.

“Sometimes he goes up to 57, 58, 59, but he also has a high ‘negatives’ with Democrats at 76%,” said Pinsonat.

Senator Cassidy is up for re-election next year, and Pinsonat says his 59% favorable versus 32% poor rating is an indication of strong momentum in maintaining his position.

“They’re never going to get up into the 70’s, but being in the high 60’s is a good number, especially with Cassidy and Kennedy having excellent job ratings or strong job ratings with white voters,” said Pinsonat.

Senator Kennedy polled equally as favorable to Cassidy and one percentage point higher in the poor rating.

Pinsonat says Governor John Bel Edwards is viewed at 54% favorable, just like Trump.

“They have about the same job ratings, but the makeup of voters that really like them is just totally opposite sides of the political spectrum,” said Pinsonat.

42% gave Edwards a poor review.

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